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Andes’s CPU IP Adopted by Japan-based Leading Company

Published: Nov 08,2013

Andes signed the licensing contract with a leading company in Japan, successful entry into the Japanese market, and participated in electronic exhibition events both in Tokyo and Yokohama for the first time to actively raise brand awareness.

Andes , a Taiwanese supplier of CPU IP, has successfully licensed the N705-S solution to Japanese leading systematic company to apply in temperature-, flow- and heat- controlled system.

According to Andes, with the solution containing some advantageous positions like high efficiency, low power and smaller unit area, Andes attracted the corporation’s attention to choose it. Nonetheless, Andes’s excellent service by replying and resolving their customer’s requests immediately, rapidly and effectively is key reason to success.

Frankwell Lin, CEO of Andes Technologies, said Andes aims to enlarge Japanese market through not only promoting N705-S but developing high-end CPU solution to make more and complete options to fulfill customer needs.

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