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The Most Environmentally Friendly Mobile Phone Shell in The World

Published: Nov 09,2013

XUAN based environmental vision , avoid dropping the mobile phone shell caused by pollution of the Earth , spent a year and a half developing, are more than twenty factories refused , and finally produce the world's first disposable pulp phone shell .

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Founder Huang Xuan said that the choice of pulp because of environmental issues, but the protective effect is not good , only water repellent , protective effect is limited. But because of the use of pulp, so consumers can draw your own pattern after purchase , as gift cards or let their kids graffiti , and then share with friends .

Huang stressed, because only a basic protective effect, and consider the location of buttons and jacks , the demand of pulp case is not high, so most manufacturers are unwilling to manufacture. But after some hard work, we has the trial production , and also to get domestic patents.

Now, Huang is cooperating with some famous illustrators , provide illustrator version pulp shell. And plan to provide a new plank pulp case , it allow people to upload photos, made its own dedicated phone case , or work with companies , printing companies exclusive gifts.

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