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IEK: IT Industry Value growth 4.98% in 2014

Published: Nov 11,2013

(Taipei, Taiwan) IEK, a leading industrial research institutions in Taiwan, held industry trends and outlook 2014 seminar on Monday, and said that, driven by growing demand in the U.S. and European markets, the global economy will gradually improve, especially electronic information industry output value of the highest growth rate, reaching 4.98%.

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In order to more accurately predict 2014 industry trends, IEK use IEK-CQM (Current Quarterly Model) to analyze the future situation, and its advantage is by high-frequency data (moon data, weekly data, etc.), to strengthen the low-frequency information (such as quarterly and annual data), to achieve better prediction results.

Through IEK-CQM analysis, IEK noted that the recent PMI index have switched to exceed 50 dividing line in many conturies, are also expected in the coming year will remain at 50 or more, especially in Europe and the U.S. economic recovery is more apparent, therefore, The global economy will be getting better in 2014, the manufacturing industry in 2014 no significant risk of recession.

For individual industries, electronic information industry, commodity industry, metal and mechanical industry and the chemical industry output value will be positive growth, especially in electronics and information industry, the highest growth rate, reaching 4,98%, followed by the chemical industry for 3.76%; commodity industry grew from 1.84% to 2.08%; Metal Electrical lowest rate of growth, but also to get rid of negative growth in the past two years.

For the electronic information industry IEK is very optimistic, IEK also pointed out that the recent rise of wearable devices, including smart watches and smart glasses, not only to attract semiconductor manufacturers have begun to actively participate in this market, it is expected will also cause the polarization of electronic products development.

As for the communications industry, in addition to low-cost smartphones continued to skyrocket, the 4G network service is also expected to start a new model , and mobile Internet services will change also.

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