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Sony Requires Enhanced Technology to Develop Wearable Devices: MIC

Published: Nov 11,2013

Sony's Smart Glasses Structure

With its competitive hardware devices, and R&D and manufacturing capability in imaging products, Sony is able to construct and deploy a connected ecosystem featuring multi-screen and one cloud leveraging the wide range of Sony's product line. The ecosystem allows a variety of devices to be interconnected for multi-screen applications. In 2013, Sony showed off its one-touch technology, which has helped Sony devices to communicate with each other, and has been appealing to customers.

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With the support of its game, music and movie businesses, Sony has teamed up with a third-party cloud-based company to jointly launch multimedia services. Having past experiences in running multimedia content business has put Sony at an advantage when it comes to content creation and copyright negotiation compared to other smart handheld device peers. This can help Sony rapidly establish a cloud platform with abundant content resources. Thus, having a cloud platform like iCloud to save, synchronize, share and integrate the content stored in end devices would be a next to go for Sony.

As for wearable devices, stepping into the research and manufacturing of wearable devices is not challenging for Sony. Technologies that are required for innovating and upgrading the operation system, software applications and user interface designs are what Sony lacks when developing wearable devices.

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