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Dialog Semiconductor and Sengled Lighting Partner for Smart lighting solutions

Published: Nov 11,2013

(Kirchheim/Teck, Germany ) Dialog Semiconductor announced a strategic collaboration with Sengled, a global leading provider of LED lighting solutions and Dialog’s first partner for the commercialisation of Dialog’s smarteXite platform. Based on fully configurable logic, smarteXite integrates the latest digital dimming standard – Ledotro – and enables a new generation of highly flexible and intelligent LED driver ICs for smart lighting applications.

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The collaboration between Dialog and Sengled includes the exchange of R&D data, joint development of new product concepts and prototype bulbs, common system level tests and qualification processes for new smart lighting solutions. Sengled will create LED lighting solutions using ICs from the smarteXite platform.

“Smart lighting is one of the most important growth segments in LED lighting, with digital dimming and wireless control as the next major steps in creating innovative products,” said Johnson Shen, Founder and President of Sengled.

“With Dialog’s smarteXite family of LED driver products, we can accelerate our innovation cycles and create new lighting experiences for our customers.”

Mark Tyndall, VP Corporate Development & Strategy and GM Power Conversion Business Group at Dialog Semiconductor said, “We were looking for a fast moving, innovative technology partner with a global presence. With Sengled, we gain one of the emerging players in solid state lighting, and a partner that shares our vision and energy for this market. We are excited to enter into this partnership with the clear target to make smart lighting real.”

The iW6401, the inaugural smarteXite product, will be the world’s first LED driver IC to support the new Ledotron dimming standard. Ledotron overcomes the limitations and system performance degradation associated with traditional phase cut dimmers. The Ledotron Marketing Alliance, including partners OSRAM and INSTA have been instrumental in establishing and encouraging the adoption of Ledotron systems, which are fully compliant with all relevant standards worldwide.

“With Ledotron we have created a digital dimmer for a digital light source, which resolves all compatibility and performance issues known from traditional dimmers. Beyond being retrofit, Ledotron makes LED lighting future-fit and smart-fit,” said Alexander Burgbacher, CEO of INSTA.

“The adoption of Ledotron in LED lighting is gaining momentum, as the integration into lamps is made easier with the adoption of the iW6401, the first in a range of smarteXite products from Dialog.”

Solutions based on Ledotron combine manual dimmer control with easy connection to the Internet of Things, and to any building and home automation system. In a typical Ledotron configuration, the maximum number of devices that can be connected to the dimmer is only limited by the peak power of the dimmer. The communication between the dimmer and lamps is done via baseband data modulation around the zero crossings of the AC mains voltage.

Lighting systems based on the Ledotron standard are extremely easy to install and use, and greatly extend the control over LED retrofit lamps by offering addressing, color control and tunable white features. Using Dialog’s iW6401 makes the design of the Ledotron lamp a simple task. The iW6401 is configured via a comprehensive design wizard which programs the device and generates an optimised bill of materials and component specification. Dimmers and lamps sold with the Ledotron logo are guaranteed to operate at full performance regardless of the model and manufacturer.

Volume production for the iW6401 is expected in the first half of 2014.

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