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Survey: Taiwan App market worth investing

Published: Nov 14,2013

(Taipei, Taiwan) A well-known blogger conducted a survey of Taiwanese App user behavior via the internet, while the survey found that Taiwan's online population for the App has a high dependence with up to 96% of respondents answered every day will use the App. And the most commonly used type is the social applications (16%).

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Taiwan's well-known blogger Zheng Wei Quan, through social network conducted a "Taiwan App User Behavior Survey." Based on the findings, there are up to 96% of the respondents use App every day. Indicates the App has been a part of daily life, just like read news , and interact with friends.

The main type of app is social application (16%), followed by the photos and videos App and utilities, each of which has 9%. Surprised that the game App fell out of the top three (ranked fifth). Notably, music, weather and news App are considerable for local users.

For operating system, Android at 50% utilization slightly better than 47% of iOS, but the two sides almost regardless of undiscriminating. Windows Phone (2%) continued to struggle in Taiwan.

Most commonly occasion of using App is home, 31% of respondents answered they used App at home, the second is in the public(28%) especially transportation (such as the MRT, buses) . The offices and leisure facilities (such as cafes, restaurants) are at 21% and 19% of respondents.

As for the willingness to pay for a App, 49% of respondents said they are willing to pay, while there are 38% of people said that they will think it over after have a trial version. Only 13% of the respondents clearly expressed reluctance to pay, just use the free App.

The survey also found that 61% of respondents have paied for App, which mean Taiwan App market is worth to invest.

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