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TSIA Q3 2013 Statistics on Taiwan IC Industry

Published: Nov 21,2013

Major Indices of Taiwan IC Industry

(Taiwan, Taipei) According to WSTS, Q3 2013 worldwide semiconductor revenue reached US$80.9 billion, a year-to-year growth of 8.7% and up 8.4% on-quarter. Sales quantity reached 185.3 billion ICs, a 6.5% increase on-year and up 4.4% on-quarter. ASP was US$0.437, a 2.1% rise on-year and up 3.8% on-quarter.

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Semiconductor revenue in the US reached US$16.5 billion in Q3 2013, a 24.3% increase on-year and up 15.2% on-quarter. Revenue in Japan reached US$9.5 billion, a 12.9% decline on-year and up 16.8% on-quarter. Revenue in Europe reached US$8.9 billion, a 6.4% rise on-year and up 4.3% on-quarter. Revenue in Asia reached US$46 billion, a 9.9% increase on-year and up 5.4% on-quarter.

The TSIA survey showed that Q3 2013 Taiwan IC revenue as a whole (including design, manufacturing, packaging and testing) totaled NT$507.5 billion(US$17.1B) (5.7% growth on-quarter and up 15.4% on-year), with NT$129.1B in design(US$4.4B) (6.2% increase on-quarter and up 13.7% on-year), NT$270.2B in manufacturing(US$9.1B) (6.5% growth on-quarter and up 20.7% on-year), NT$75B in packaging (US$2.5B) (3.6% growth on-quarter and up 6.1% on-year), and NT$33.2B in testing(US$1.1B) (3.1% increase on-quarter and up 5.1% on-year). Exchange rate NT$/US$ is 29.6.

Taiwan IC revenue in 2013 is expected to reach NT$1,880.3B (US$63.5B) (15.1% growth from 2012), with NT$473.9B in design (US$16.0B) (15.2% increase), NT$995.4B in manufacturing (US$33.6B) (20.0% growth), NT$284.4B in packaging (US$9.6B) (4.6% increase), and NT$126.6B in testing (USD$4.3B) (up 4.2%). Exchange rate NT$/US$ is 29.6.

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