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Foxconn Invest $40 Million to Precision Manufacturing in Pennsylvania US

Published: Nov 25,2013

Kuo Tai-ming, Foxconn's chairman and founder, declared in Washington that it will invest US$40 million in Pennsylvania in two years, in the field of innovation, automation and factory building; Moreover, they will sign LOI with State government for two proposed investment projects to announce the Foxconn’s action of developing high-end manufacturing in USA.

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Kuo said that it plans to invest US$30 million in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for the next 2 years at a time when he visited USA along with Taiwanese Enterprises Delegation, delegated by Former vice president Siew. In the statement, Foxconn will recruit 500 employees and expand the scale of research division to more comprehensive high-end manufacturing production chain.

He added, it will build up a high-end manufacturing industry with high-precision, high-tech as well as high value-added to manufacture by automation and robot, especially aiming to future technology trend such as Eight-screen electronic products, which could decrease large cost of production and transpiration. Moreover, the production chain in mainland china will not be transferred to USA and it is not the supplier for the specific company’s goods.

Furthermore, in order to overcome the USA’s high labor cost obstacle, Foxconn will commit another $10 million at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, also in Pennsylvania, for research and development in robotics to increase the working opportunities in high-end manufacturing.

Kuo stressed that high value manufacturing is not limited in the field of 3C products but need to cross different high-value-added industries including medical, automotive, environmental protection. Foxconn is good at produce superior goods with low price under the scrutiny of cost and technology to make American consumer buy the local.

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