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Stan Shih: Acer Will Not Privatize

Published: Nov 27,2013

(Taipei, Taiwan) Stan Shih, new Chairman of Acer, stated on Tuesday that, Acer’s new business model will be modified clearly in the next two months and will be responsible for their shareholders without bowing out of stock market like DELL.

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The giant PC maker, DELL Inc., went private and stopped its stock trading on the Nasdaq to make progress, but Chairman Shih denied this opportunity of taking Acer private.

Shih stressed that Acer will not go private because he must accountable for the related shareholders such as employee, supplier, customer and investor, who invest in all retirement pay especially, except the speculator.

Acer is sparing no effort to find out and develop new business direction in the process of revolution now, but which could be generated by brainstorming; Furthermore, first thing first for him is guiding the management team to discover new direction , he added. In addition, he expressed opinion that mobile network market look good in the future and related application will unveil very soon.

Shih revealed that some Acer’s retired coworkers has come back voluntarily without payment like Wistron director Zhang Shuanghui , quality management expertise. He also predicted the new business model will be displayed in the next 1-2 months and reap the fruitful result as expected within three years at most.

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