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Asia Pacific Metrology Organization General Assembly Returned to Taipei

Published: Nov 29,2013

( Taipei, Taiwan ) The Asia Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP) held in Taipei on November 24 to 29, which is once again back to Taipei since 1999. The participants of the General Assembly included Australia , Japan, Australia , South Korea other 30 economies , more than 300 domestic and foreign experts to participate in the conference.

Asia-Pacific Metrology Organization is one of the five international Metrology Organizations, the goal is consistency of regional standards, committed to reach mutually recognized of international standards, is an important organization for the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol under APEC.

The meeting will discuss several topics based on international measurement standards, such as international mutual recognition agreements, the technical committee activities, the proposal of the Technical Committee.

Rui Duan, director of ITRI Center for Measurement said that as trade liberalization and globalization of the economy, so that all countries are committed to sign the FTA to establish a close working relationship, in addition to FTA, but through standards, technical regulations, conformity assessment is also one way to promote the cooperation of trade.

Except members of the Asia-Pacific, CIPM Chairman Dr Barry Inglis also come to Taiwan to participate the meeting, providing view of the development of international measurement, and introduce international standards of measurement units and an important influence in regional trade.

The theme of World Metrology Day this year is emphasis on measurement standards in our daily life, to remind us to pay attention on various measured data around us, such as GPS, power plant or mobile phone base stations , LED lighting , environment noise, blood pressure monitors, glucose meters and other standards.

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