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High-end Phones Battle in the first Quarter of 2014

Published: Dec 26,2013

【Taipei, Taiwan】Two of the high-end phones will come together in the first quarter of 2014, according to the supply chain. It is said that the flagship GALAXY S5 of Samsung will be unveiled in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) on February 25th, 2014, and the lineup will be covered either plastic, metal, or water-proof material.

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Not only will Samsung show its flagship in MWC, the flagship One 2 from HTC will also been demonstrated then, along with a 5-inch touchsreen, powered by the S800 processor from Qualcomm, with a fingerprint identification sensor inside, supply chain added.

S5 will have similar features 5.1-inch touchscreen, also with a fingerprint scanner, powered by processor form Qualcomm, or its own invented processor, Exynos 6, according to a reliable source.

Flagships from which are going to benefit all the firms from supply chain, namely, Catcher Tech. covers both phones' cases, LARGAN Precision produces both phones' camera lens, Oriestech makes panel driver IC for HTC, while ILITEK makes which for Samsung.

Capellamicro, ICHIA Tech., F-TPK, Merry Electronics, TXC Corp., and Silitech are all the components firms of composing both flagships, which also will be highly profited.

However, S5 will follow up the One series to customize its phone case with metal to enrich the texture, and for the 2K OLED series will have water-proof version, as well.

Since S5 is going to function in 2K OLED, the battle between those flagships has entered a new stage, pixel counts, better image resolution.

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