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GAMC Biotech Develop Anticancer X-ray for Animal Remedy

Published: Dec 31,2013

Specialized transmission X-ray tube tech will firstly develop in the field of anti-cancer application for animals and cure diseased animals with Taiwan university veterinary hospital, announced by GAMC biotech co. on Monday. In addition, anti-cancer center will be set up through Taiwan for the first quarter of the next year.

Taiwan-based GAMC Biotech and Vetco Pharmaceuticals are the only two biotech companies contribute to veterinary cancer treatment, which concentrated on X-ray tube technology and anti-cancer drug development, separately. Vetco will produce preliminary preclinical drugs for animals with its partner for the next quarter.

GAMC Biotech was fund in 2007 and develops X-ray tube tech primarily, especially in two fields of detection and therapy for cancer.

For the therapy technology, GAMC's anti-cancer X-ray equipment, through special "explosion" mode similarly, will break down the diseased cell after absorbing medicament to cure the patient without side effect.

This product is still in the clinical trials phase, GAMC will firstly cooperate with Taiwan university veterinary hospital to use in animal treatment and aim at skin cancer for companion dogs, said by Henry Lin, President of GAMC.

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