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Jason Chen:Acer to the Could

Published: Jan 14,2014

“Hardware product is a process for Acer, 「Build Your Own Cloud」is the result.”Chen said.

Taipei, Taiwan-Acer new CEO Jason Chen held his first press conference on Monday and said that “Acer will not pursue the market share of the hardware, but take aim at developing「Build Your Own Cloud」solution , may ready on 1st April. The future strategy, deployment of organization and products will base on it.”

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Jason said that Acer built up eDC ten years ago and merged with iGware two years ago. Under this circumstance, Acer has three advantages to develop the Cloud, which are Acer’s many Data centers, ability to keep data safe and reliable as well as many successful experience.

Through Acer’s hardware, software and unique services, in the future users can build up their own cloud, such as music cloud and picture cloud, to connect seamlessly with personal PC and mobile devices.

“Although market share is very important ,but hardware product is a process for Acer, 「Build Your Own Cloud」is the result.”Chen stressed that.

Acer’s business strategy still need more time to consider and discuss comprehensively, however, Acer has more than 1,300 researchers and more patents than Foxconn in the 3rd quarter last year which is a great foundation of Acer’s innovation, explained by Chen.

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