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Morris Chang:Smartphone Will Be Main Driving Force in 2014

By Vincent Wang
Published: Jan 16,2014

2014 will be very different to TSMC, changes from one man game to the three man game.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) held 2013 fourth quarter earnings conference on Thursday, The chairman presented along with two president and co-CEO Mark Liu and C.C. that announced consolidated revenue of NT$145.81 billion, net income of NT$44.81 billiion. As the decline of worldwide PC market isn’t news that TSMC also suffered from 7% decreased from PC market in Q4 2013.

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TSMC Chairman Morris Chang said that the growth engine in 2014 of TSMC will still mainly fall on mobile products.

“We expect 35% growth in mobile devices in 2014, and continue to rise in 2015 as the wearables come in line.” Chang added.

More specifically, the chairman predicted that the smartphone will enjoy 25% growth this year ahead, 8% growth on high-end smartphone, 23% growth on middle-range and 45% growth on the low-end ones.

C.C. Wei is optimistic towards its growth engine in the new technology that 28HKMG already has 60 customers for its superior performance and 30% speed up among the same products.

Mark Liu convinced that the market of mid-to low-end smartphone will keep rising in these two years, along with wearable devices, the internet of things are all the drivers of TSMC.

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