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Rise of India, Re-Industrialization of U.S. to Led Industrial Chain Shift

By Korbin Lan
Published: Feb 18,2014

Taipei, Taiwan - Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center (IEK) said on Monday that global ICT market will be weak in 2014, tablet and smartphone annual growth rate of less than 10%, the overall consumer electronics market is forecast to decline by 1%. Worth of concern is the rise of India, re-industrialization of the United States, will led the global industrial chain and market shift.

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IEK said, the global ICT market lack of growth momentum in 2014, tablet and smartphone growth slows, the annual growth rate of less than 10%, PC and NB shipments will decline too, the overall decline in the consumer electronics market forecast of 1% , thus needed to sustain the development of new targets .

IEK noted that in 2014, the industry chain may slight shift, due to the rise of mobile phone brands in India and the United States rebuild ICT industry, will affect the mobile industry and market distribution chain.

IEK director Stephen Su said that 2014 will be a " smart everywhere " era, smart phones play the most important role, and spread to other applications. He said , ICT industry will changes from high performance into high stability, simple, lightweight and low power consumption, and high tolerance for environmental technologies like wearable devices.

IEK also announced 10 key issues in the ICT industry in the 2014, including wearable device, M2M devices, flexible display technology, cross-border development of large-size Tablet, eco-system of 3D printing, 4G LTE service, femtocell, smart devices interconnected, and big data applications.

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