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Google Encourages Taiwan to Develop Smart Service in the IoT Era

By Vincent Wang
Published: Sep 09,2015

General Manager of Google Taiwan Chien Lee-feng(left 2)

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The General Manager of Google Taiwan Chien Lee-feng, stated that Taiwan should strive to develop the smart service, such as smart factory, smart car, smart hospital, etc. What’s more, Taiwan had better direct all efforts towards the integration for software and hardware.

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Chien Lee-feng attended the IEK Forum on September 9, and gave a speech on “To Innovate Again! Use Both Software and Hardware for Smart Service”.

Firstly, Chien Lee-feng reviewed the development of Internet of Things (IoT), smartphone and Facebook is happened in the past eight years. “In the year of 2000, there were waves of web development. Eight years later, mobile was all the rage. Economic overturn is a new chance, as well as the right timing to invest. However, the investment direction should be taken into consideration as a challenge.”

Chien Lee-feng encouraged the hardware industry to invest on software in the IoT era, where Taiwan has the advantage of vertical integration. “For example, email and medical services, or any other smart services including those services under development.”

“Viewing from the angle of application and servie, GOPRO, smart home, energy saving, wearables and video monitoring are examples of IoT.” commented Chien Lee-feng.

Secondly, Chien Lee-feng said that IoT is the chance for Taiwan to adjust its industrial structure like Internet of Vehicles, automated driving, unmanned aerial vehicle and its logics, assistant robot for senior citizens or even the chips on contact lense in an attempt to test blood sugar. “There are a lot of channels waiting to be opened up behind these services.”

Chien Lee-feng claimed the value of trust in the IoT era for the reason that it will be a lot of connections between hardware and software. For instance, the abundant few types the production method, power supply and package testing. “In addition to the concept of B2C, building of trustworthy brands is also important. ”

Last but not least, Taiwan should strive to develop the smart service, such as smart factory, smart car, smart hospital, etc. along with the integration of software and hardware.

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