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IDT’s Wireless Power Kits Makes is Accessible to the Mass Market

By Vincent Wang
Published: Oct 16,2015

Laurence McGarry, director of product marketing for wireless power at IDT holds the wireless power kits

CALIFORNIA, USA — Wireless charging seems all the rages every once in a while, Samsung, Ikea, and LG have recently introduced wireless charging into their line of products. Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) introduced groundbreaking turnkey, 5-Watt and 5-Volt solution wireless power kits that make integrating wireless charging easy, affordable and practical for a broad range of consumer electronics.

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The company is giving everyone a chance to cut the cord. The 5-Watt, 5-Volt solution is suitable for a wide range of applications, including PC peripherals, furniture, medical devices, and other portable devices still hindered by traditional contact-based charging bases or cables.

“There is heavy demand for wireless power in mid- and low-volume applications that is currently underserved in the market,” said Greg Waters, President and CEO at IDT. “By offering a pre-configured, comprehensive, out-of-the-box solution, we make it possible for customers to design a wireless power solution with very little to no engineering support required.”

The transmitter and receiver reference kits are built around proven IDT wireless power semiconductors, and include easy-to-use reference boards and comprehensive design support collateral. Support materials include instructional videos, user manuals, foreign object detection (FOD) tuning guides, layout guides, layout instantiation modules, schematics, bill-of-materials (BOM), Gerber files, and more. Both reference kits offer 2-layer board layout files, providing maximum flexibility for most applications.

Moreover, the kits can be used for immediate prototyping. An associated layout module enables direct instantiation on to a system board, while an optimized and fully tested BOM takes the guess-work out of component selection.

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