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No.1 Timing for Wireless Power Penetration: IDT

By Vincent Wang
Published: Oct 16,2015

Graham Robertson, Vice President of product marketing for wireless power at IDT claimed that it is No.1 timing for wireless power penetration

CALIFORNIA, USA — Wireless power is one of the next big things in terms of Samsung, Ikea, and LG have recently introduced wireless charging into their line of products. Graham Robertson, Vice President of product marketing for wireless power at IDT claimed that it is No.1 timing for wireless power penetration, “After crossing the chasm, wireless power will be adopted by mass market.”

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“Trends driving new content as well as new categories of semiconductors become essential to connect people using the mobile Internet.” Expressed by Graham Robertson.

Graham Robertson illustrated with examples. Firstly, connecting people in real-time drives new infrastructure, unstructured data puts tremendous demand on memory and new mobile devices require new ways to distribute power.

Indeed, 166 million people have visited Yellowstone since it opened, 642 million people to Disneyland since 1955. But 829 million people have watched the YouTube video “Charlie bit my finger again”.

Graham Robertson stated that incremental cost of computing and mobile Internet access become free will be in the next 20 years in semiconductor industry.

Most importantly, Graham Robertson explained the company’s strategy: core competencies in high-performance interconnect, power, RF and timing is all about. “High performance memory SAM will continue to expand, mobile video is driving infrastructure upgrade and mobile data is driving need for wireless charging.”

Therefore, IDT’s response to industry challenges included low jitter clocks reduce packet loss for bandwidth, high integration with low power devices in size and high efficiency and flexibility of power.

In a word, wireless power is convenience that eliminates contact corrosion along with connector reliability issues. And it allows for water-proofing and dust-proofing and alleviates form-factor constraints.

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