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Castec, Universal Robots Jointly Develop Mobile Industrial Robots

By Korbin Lan
Published: Nov 20,2015

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Castec, a Taiwanese professional industrial equipment manufacturer, launches a smart industrial robot which integrated with Universal Robots’ mechanical arm. It is equipped with computer-integrated manufacturing system (CIM), and automatically fed functions.

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i-Operator is made of mechanical arm and the movable robot, can move automatically by scanning the paths of entire plant and reading engineers edited map parameters. In addition to the obstacles self-avoiding, the robot can re-plan a route by itself.

In order to carry out a perfact interation of the mechanical arm and mobile robot, Castec chose Universal Robots’ UR5 and UR10 robot to achieve this innovative product.

Universal Robots is a company who dedicated to provide HMI systems of robots with high flexibility and security. Their collaborative robots is six-axis mechanical arm, can do any movements that general human arm can. The UR10 and UR5 currently are the largest models of UR series, its payload are up to 10 kg and 5 kg, working radius can reach 130 centimeters and 85 centimeters.

i-Operator can work 16 hours a day, equal to two runs of manpower. In addition to improving efficiency, it can improve the accuracy of the loading and unloading process by using wireless communications and software control.

Luo Wen-bao, General manager of Castec, said: " The security is the most important consideration while designing i-Operator. In our factory, i-Operator will pass through our employee and implement loading and unloading at working platform,”

“The automatic navigation of robot has gradually matured, it can identify, avoid obstacles and update the best path, and its robotic arm can place the material or product on the correct position precisely. " Luo said.

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