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XYZPrinting Launches 3DP, Robot Services in Taiwanese Stores

By Korbin Lan
Published: Jan 26,2016

New Kimpo Group CEO and XYZ Printing President Simon Shen.

TAIPEI, Taiwan - XYZPrinting announced that they will establish a 3D printing creative space in Taichung’s i-House location, where they will offer DIY courses from time to time and rent out the space as a venue for other parties. Furthermore, XYZPrinting will also exhibit their 3D printer products and provide 3D printing services to consumers. XYZPrinting’s integrated service robots will also provide guidance and instructional services.

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“XYZ Printing is dedicated to extending 3D printing technology to every household and putting it in the hands of every consumer, and we are optimistic about Taiwan’s potential. Therefore, we are specially launching the 3D printing creative space in i-House in order to allow everyone to come into contact with 3D printing technology,” said New Kimpo Group CEO and XYZPrinting President Simon Shen.

As for the integrated “XYZrobot” service robots, which will be displayed in the retail space for the first time, they are 123cm tall by 45 cm wide and equipped with the Android 4.4 system. In addition, they can also make wireless transmissions through WiFi or Bluetooth and have (1280*800 pixels) 10.1-inch LCD screens.

The robots are capable of carrying out functions, such as indoor automatic positioning and navigation, IoT control and real-time online customer service. They will also be able to obtain conventional static plan guidelines and provide dynamic route guidance using integrated IoT controls which include smart lights, ceiling sensors, and smart outlets in order to provide even retail space navigation with even greater precision.

In order to be better suited to i-House’s applications, consumers can use the interface on the robots’ screens to instantly obtain product information. In addition, the robots also have the functionality to personally guide customers with “instant online customer service.” Consumers can also instantly look up product information using the robots and have direct, zero-distance interactive discussions with the sales staff.

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