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Chroma MES Makes Communication Easy for Complex Hardware Configuration

Published: Jul 04,2017

Chroma create a smart-factory platform to cope with the trend of Industry 4.0 and IoT.

To cope with the trend of Industry 4.0 and IoT, Chroma's software and hardware technologies create a smart-factory platform, the Chroma MES, supporting big data through suitable solutions such as Smart Machine Interface (MI) and Fast Easy Player (FEP) for intelligent manufacturing.

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One of the difficulties the enterprise faces when implementing intelligent manufacturing is dealing with the interoperability among various hardware devices on the same platform. In Industry 4.0, all equipment is networked communicating machine to machine (M2M) through one integrated platform.

For complex machines, Chroma Smart MI enhances network connectivity by providing a platform incorporating all machines into a unified module.

The MI is a real-time hub of both horizontal communication (between the front and rear workstations) or vertical communication (between the client and backend), all linking to a universal work site and data center for real-time analysis. This improves the efficiency and stability of the manufacturing process.

To understand the status of various machines in real time in a production line, the FEP with cross-system integration incorporates various systems into a unified interface for quality control, monitoring and report management.

Utilizing visual management and single management platforms, the template can be dragged and dropped to electronic billboards in every work zone with select information. This not only makes the management "visible" but also allows employees intuitive understanding of the instructions.

The Chroma FEP manages the manufacturing machines, the processes and on-site manpower for real-time administration of productivity, yield and mass production.

The FEP functions include picture files, weather information, clock, scrolling tests, dashboard, chart and diagram, bulletin boards, tables and embedded web pages providing the on-site manager complete Kanban information.

Driving the Industry 4.0 smart factory architecture, the Chroma Smart MI enables the hardware to integrate more efficiently while the Chroma FEP conveys clear and diverse messages optimizing the factory.

In addition, Chroma's intelligent manufacturing solutions has successfully implemented in the manufacturing of batteries, solar cells/panels, LEDs, optoelectronics, electronics / ICT and medical devices to help customers optimizing their quality and productivity.

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