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WiseChip to Showcase In-Cell Touch OLED Display Technology at HK Electronics Fair

Published: Oct 06,2017

TAIPEI, Taiwan - In-Cell Touch OLED Display technology- thin, light and easy. At the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2017 from October 13th to 16th, at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. WiseChip's booth # is 5B-E01. The provider of In-Cell touch OLED Display solution, Wisechip, will be showcasing a series of In-Cell Touch Display products, centered on the advantages of PMOLED display technology.

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WiseChip is going to launch the In-Cell Touch PMOLED Display product series in Q4 2017. Based on the enhanced manufacturing process and new technology development, the new product series no longer need to laminate the touch sensor onto the PMOLED which are able to directly support the touch function. User will save the extra cost from the touch sensor itself.

Furthermore, the prospected yield lost and the labor costs for the touch sensor lamination will become the history. With ~1 inch In-Cell Touch PMOLED Display, user can save about one US dollar and obtain the great flexibility on the mechanical design from the real light and thin OLED solution.

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