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DFON Unveils New Serum with MMpH+ to Fight Skin Aging

Published: Mar 07,2018

ITRI Commercialization and Industry Service Center General Director Jia-Ming Liu (third left) and DFON Biomedical Founder and CEO Joshua Lai (third right) at the press conference.

DFON Biomedical Technology Inc., ITRI's first beauty care products startup, today officially marked its inauguration and unveiled a new generation of products, demonstrating how innovative technology can be applied in the development of cosmetics and skin care products. DFON was founded on the basis of technology transferred from ITRI, with the key ingredient MMpH+ originally used in encapsulating cancer drugs.

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When researchers tested MMpH+ on the skin, they discovered its benefits in protecting the skin's collagen and serving as a moisturizer, thereby preventing wrinkles. The company thus launched the fourth generation anti-aging formula Enzyme Secret AP-I, which provides comprehensive skin protection and regeneration from the effects of aging, environmental factors, and sun damage.

With its R&D expertise, DFON was selected to enter the Paris&Co business acceleration program. During trial operation, it sold over 1,000 units of its products. Even Jeanine (Chin Hsi), a Paris-based supermodel, is a fan of its Anti-Aging Serum. She tested her skin with an ultrasonic machine before using the product and saw considerable changes after two to three weeks of daily application. The serum helped retain collagen, making her skin became full of luster. This September DFON's products are expected to hit the shelves of France's pharmacy channel.

According to ITRI's Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center, an Euromonitor report shows that the global beauty and personal care market, which stood at NT$426.0 billion in 2015, is expected to expand to over NT$546.5 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth of 5.1%. Local cosmetics brands have increasingly taken root in recent years. Taiwan's cosmetics product exports, according to the statistics from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, hit a new high of US$730 million in 2017, rising 13% over the previous year. This points to growing international interest in Taiwan's cosmetics brands.

ITRI Commercialization and Industry Service Center General Director Jia-Ming Liu remarked that ITRI has consistently sought to nurture and incubate startup businesses to commercialize its R&D achievements. In this process, it engages in business planning and investment assessment for these enterprises. DFON, he said, not only is ITRI's first beauty care startup, but also in 2017 was selected to join Paris&Co, an economic development and innovation agency. With assistance from the French government, participants in Paris&Co have the opportunity to forge business relationships with and earn support from major corporations and venture capital banks in France, he said.

DFON Biomedical Founder and CEO Joshua Lai commented that other skin care products focus on stimulating collagen generation but neglect the importance of decelerating the loss of collagen, which is the key in turning back the skin aging process. DFON's Enzyme Secret AP-I not only is easily absorbed by the skin, but also can balance MMPs enzymes and key G enzymes, helping to restore the skin's elasticity and radiance.

Working to return luster to the skin, the product also addresses the loss of elastin triggered by damage due to sunlight exposure. Enzyme Secret serum helps to boost collagen content, and human clinical trials indicate a reduction in the size of pores, along with increased smoothness and tightness in the skin. The appearance of wrinkles is improved and the serum helps to delay the aging of skin. The product was sold on a trial basis for six months starting in the spring of 2017, and people who tried it became huge fans. Without any publicity, the company sold over 1,000 units of the serum.

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