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AAEON Collaborates with Microsoft to Develop Motherboards Incorporating Windows 10 IoT Core

Published: Mar 15,2018

TAIPEI, Taiwan –AAEON is working with Microsoft to develop a motherboard that incorporates NXP processors and supports the Windows 10 IoT Core operating system.

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AAEON announced the venture at the recent Embedded World trade fair in Nuremburg, Germany, and the news is likely to shake up the world of computing as Microsoft has previously focused on creating software for Intel and Qualcomm. Kevin Chiu, vice president of AAEON’s embedded computing division noted that his company’s “all-round reliability and its experience with RISC architecture makes AAEON an obvious choice for an ODM partner.”

David Lemson, Director, Windows 10 IoT, Microsoft Corp., said “Windows 10 IoT Core provides a complete platform that enables developers to focus on their own unique value instead of on bringing up the operating system. With 10 years of security updates and integration with Microsoft Azure IoT, Windows IoT devices can securely harness cloud services.”

Integrating the usability and familiarity of this Windows OS with ARM CPUs not only gives developers more options, but it also brings all the advantages of Microsoft computing to the low power consumption, mobile market that’s currently dominated by RISC architecture processors.

The strength of AAEON’s motherboard technology adds an extra level of reliability to the project, and the industrial computer firm has announced that it will be basing its solution on its PICO-IMX6 board. Commenting on his company’s role in the project, AAEON embedded computing division product specialist David Hung said, “By providing an industrial-grade motherboard, we’re giving developers a powerful and dependable platform that will help turn exciting IoT ideas into real-world applications.”

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