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Survey: Taiwan’s Mobile Addiction to Viewing Maximum Information Surpasses 70%

By Korbin Lan
Published: Dec 10,2018

TAIPEI, Taiwan - A Taiwanese market research organization conducted a “mobile phone use behavior” survey of Taiwanese netizens. In a survey of selected markets, it was discovered that 72.7% of people self-identified as mobile phone addicts; furthermore, the addiction rate was higher for people with lower ages with the addiction rate decreasing with age.

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In terms of viewing time, the results found that during the times that mobile phones could be used, for over 65.3% of the public the amount of time that they could endure not looking at or swiping their mobile phones was “within 60 minutes.” Among these respondents 31.5% could only endure “within 30 minutes,” and the average amount of time that respondents could endure was 81 minutes.

In terms of social groups, the amount of time that males could endure (77 minutes) was less than that of females (86 minutes), and students (64 minutes) had relatively low endurance times. In addition, senior supervisors/managers (59 minutes) also had shorter endurance times than regular white collar (81 minutes) and blue collar (98 minutes) workers.

When swiping their phones, what do people look at? According to the data, 71.9% of people look at “instant messaging software messages” followed by “Facebook” (45.5%), and “checking whether or not there are any missed calls” (43.5%).

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