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Largan May Invest in Production of Hybrid Lenses

By Korbin Lan
Published: Jun 17,2019

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Leading mobile phone lens manufacturer Largan Precision Company, Ltd. CEO Adam Lin at a shareholders’ meeting stated that they are not ruling out producing hybrid lenses made of glass and plastic (G+P) and that they are currently carrying out tests.

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The demand for camera functionality in mobile phones is continually increasing, and in addition to having large numbers of pixels, the primary lenses also need to be equipped with high aperture and optical zoom with high magnification. This has created a state of affairs in which the number of lenses has also grown from 5 plastic lenses to 6 or even 8 lenses.

However, as a result of longer distances, the processes are prone to generating heat, and when there are changes in thermal expansion and contraction, the focal length is prone to affecting the autofocus of plastic lenses. In order to rectify this problem, mobile phone manufacturers have begun trying utilizing G+P designs, and adding a glass lens to the original plastic lens has become one the industry’s latest solutions.

In the past, Largan was insisted on using plastic materials; however, they have recently revealed their current attitude of considering investing in G+P lenses which will bring about new competition in the mobile phone lenses market.

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