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Bureau Veritas Supports Moxa to Obtain the First IEC 62443-4-1 Certificate

Published: Sep 11,2020

Pascal LE-RAY, General Manager of Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services' Electrical/Electronics, Automotive and Wireless business in Taiwan.

Moxa Obtains IEC 62443-4-1 Certification

As the wave of Industry 4.0 sweeps the world, smart manufacturing has become the most crucial trend in various industries. In a smart system, the integration of IT and OT systems can comprehensively enhance the value of OT system's information in the application field, thereby creating a different operating model. However, while companies are creating new value, risks also follow. In the last decade, cyberattacks on OT systems have been frequently reported. Information security has become essential in the construction of smart manufacturing systems. Moxa, a global leader in industrial communications and networking, became the first manufacturer in Taiwan to obtain IEC 62443-4-1 certification this year, with the assistance of Bureau Veritas.

Ba-shiKai, general manager of Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Division's Electronic Motor/Automotive/Wireless Communication Taiwan Laboratory, pointed out that driven by the trend of smart applications, connected equipment is becoming more and more popular especially after the 5G commercialization in 2019. The development of manufacturing systems, autonomous cars, the Internet of Vehicles, and other industrial fields are also accelerating. To enhance the system security, various organizations have begun to establish the information security standards for connected equipment. IEC 62443 is currently the most accepted standard in the industry.

Ba-shiKai suggested that IEC 62443 is a standard tailored for industrial automation. With IEC’s great credibility, this standard will become one of the most critical information security standards in non-consumer fields, such as industrial control, transportation, and medical treatment. IEC 62443 describes detailed specifications. In addition to the general rules of IEC 62443-1, various sub-specifications are further defined. The industry can build an information security framework based on the specifications to create a more secure OT system.

As for the importance of IEC 62443 to Taiwan’s industry, Ba-shiKai indicated that Taiwanese companies have always been export-oriented. Hence their products must meet the requirements of foreign customers. In recent years, incidents of OT cyberattacks have been prevailing. Therefore, global industry players have been paying more and more attention to information security. Under this situation, Taiwanese manufacturers must first obtain certification for their products before grasping the corresponding business opportunities in smart manufacturing.

Qiu-Haoyun, general manager of MOXA NETWORKING CO., LTD. of Moxa Group, pointed out, since its establishement in 1987, the company has focused on industrial control and network communications. In recent years, OT systems shows a significance increase in the demand for internet connection and thus has faced more cyberattacks. Taking these into consideration, the company introduced IT network security technologies to help customers strengthen system security. In fact, since 2016, Moxa has been thinking about using IEC 62443 to achieve overall control of security and quality issues. The company soon cooperated with Bureau Veritas to start the implementation after the details of IEC 62443 were confirmed in 2019,.

Qiu-Haoyun said that Moxa chose to cooperate with Bureau Veritas in the hopes that they can use their partner’s expertise in verification. Besides, Bureau Veritas can provide comprehensive consulting services during the verification process. Since most of the IEC 62443 standards were just released, the industry is still unfamiliar with the specifications. Therefore, Bureau Veritas's consulting services have played a key role in Moxa’s implementation process. Based on this cooperation, the two parties will maintain close collaboration to provide the most secure OT network solutions for customers in all areas.

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