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Mitsubishi Electric to Launch “EcoAdviser” AI-enabled Energy Software

Published: Oct 19,2020

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (announced today that the company’s new EcoAdviser data-analysis and diagnostic software (MES3-EAP1-AI) for increased energy savings at manufacturing facilities will be released on October 26. The innovative new software uses Mitsubishi Electric’s Maisart-branded artificial-intelligence (AI) technology for highly effective energy-saving functions, such as identifying energy losses, diagnosing potential energy-loss factors and quantifying the expected effects of energy-saving measures.

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Energy efficiency and energy conservation continue to gain importance as the monetary and environmental costs of energy steadily rise. To mitigate such costs, new technologies such as AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) are expected to help realize effective energy-saving solutions at production sites.

Mitsubishi Electric’s new EcoAdviser software will provide energy-saving data analysis and diagnostics-based recommendations that go beyond simple visualization to support meaningful energy-saving solutions in the manufacturing sector.

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