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Baytec SPR Strengthen the First Eco-bridge in SEA

Published: Nov 12,2020

To protect the living space of land animals and to improve its appearance, Covestro Taiwans’s long-term partner, Hydroseal Enterprise, has assisted the National Parks in Southeast Asia(SEA) to build up two ecological bridges with outstanding root-resistant and water-resistant properties through Baytec SPR elastomeric thick film coatings.

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The first eco-bridge was completed in 2013. The second ecological bridge was also completed at the end of 2019. The two eco-bridges were covered with more than two meters high of soil and plants, rebuilding the harmonious relationship between mankind and nature, and also helping to fulfil the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(UN SDGs).

“Humans and nature are in a symbiotic relationship. It is a great honor to work with Hydroseal to assist its customers in the completion of the first ever ecological bridge dedicated to wild animals in Southeast Asia, with the support of innovative materials,” said Alec Yang, Head of Field Sales PUR Taiwan. “At the same time, I hope that this will inspire more work on the conservation of biological diversity in urban environment.”

A large number of highways have been built to connect different cities. Although they have boosted the development of cities, they have also changed the migration routes of animals and even dispersed their ecological habitats. Because destruction of habitats has become the main factor affecting biological diversity, and in order to reduce the doubts about road safety caused by the change of migration routes of terrestrial animals, Hydroseal, a Taiwanese enterprise and its Singapore partner Lee Construction assisted National Parks in Southeast Asia to build up an ecological bridge with a total length of 62 meters above the highway to connect the two nature reserves.

As the eco-bridge must imitate the natural environment and the roots of different plants such as shrubs often have strong penetrability, the selection of materials requires great properties that can prevent root penetration and can be used for long time. To achieve this, Covestro Baytec SPR® is a two-component solvent-free liquid system with high mechanical strength, which can be sprayed on the surface of a variety of irregular, steel, concrete and other materials to form a layer of continuous and seamless film with flexibility and elasticity. Its anti-root penetration ability has been verified by the European Norm DIN and EN 13948 test methods. Even the strong penetrating firethorn, banyan or bamboo cannot break through the protective ability of Baytec SPR®.

In addition, considering that the eco-bridge will not be easy to repair in the future, the water-resistant property is also very important, in terms of safety. The excellent water-resistance of Baytec SPR® can completely block the penetration of moisture or other liquids through the pores or cracks of the concrete, which would cause the steel of the construction to rust and expand and the concrete to crack, thereby affecting the safety of the structure.

"Urban development and ecological diversity are indispensable, but how to achieve the purpose of ecological conservation on land resources simultanesoutly requires innovative ideas and the material technology support of partners,” said Thomas Yang, General Manager of Hydroseal Enterpise. “We are delighted to take advantages of the excellent root resistance and waterproof properties of Baytec SPR® to build a durable and reliable ecological corridor and contribute to the conservation of land animals."

Covestro is committed to researching and developing innovative material technologies to meet future trends and industrial development applications. Under the guidance of the UN SDGs, we strictly follow the triple bottom line -- People, Planet and Profit, and utilize our material expertise to make the world a brighter place.

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