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Antenova Introduces Lutosa, High Performing Antenna for Small Devices on LTE and 5G Networks

Published: Jul 11,2021

Antenova Ltd, UK-based manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules for M2M and the IoT, is announcing a compact high performing antenna for the 5G bands worldwide, including LTE band 74 1420-1520MHz and 617-698MHz.

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Lutosa is a flexible antenna measuring 95 x 15 x 0.15mm, making it ideal for smaller designs, as it can be curved or folded and inserted into the device. The antenna is linear polarised and showed high efficiency in tests.

Antenova has designed Lutosa for easy integration into a device, the antenna does not require a ground plane or a matching network, and is simply fixed in place using its own self-adhesive strip.

“Lutosa is effectively a plug-and-play antenna for designs that need to reach the market quickly, and designers who specify Lutosa for their 4G and 5G designs will have a head start in gaining certification, because a flexible antenna is easier to design in than an SMD antenna.”,Says Antenova’s product manager, Michael Castle.

Lutosa is designed for M2M and IoT applications using high data rates on the 5G networks and video streaming. This antenna will be suitable for network devices, cellular routers, Pico base stations, drones, remote monitoring devices, and CCTV over cellular networks.

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