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AAEON and Cogniteam’s Partnership Prove Modern Robotics is All About Integrations

By Joanne Lin
Published: Aug 05,2022

(Left) Cogniteam Nimbus Dashboard, (Right) Cogniteam Nimbus Drag and Drop Feature

Removing the burden of robotic integrations, AAEON has developed robotics hardware that is ready for the Nimbus drag and drop platform. “Developers can choose the quality AAEON hardware that’s right for them and significantly cut development time,” said Dr. Yehuda Elmaliah, Co-founder and CEO of Cogniteam.

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Eindhoven, The Netherlands– AAEON has partnered with Cogniteam to develop ready-to-build robotic hardware that leverages Cogniteam’s Nimbus software, the leading drag and drop robotics operating system.

Companies who recognize a new market demand can immediately choose the AAEON system, device, or hardware that’s right for them and know that it is fully supported with the Nimbus no-code integration. This means companies can quickly develop and deploy advanced GPS, light, and other sensors using field-tested software solutions.

AAEON said, "Today, developing and deploying a robot is time and resource intensive. From the time a decision is made to build the robot, until it is actually deployed can often take years. By the time it is used for its initial purpose, the technology risks already being out of date. In response, AAEON partnered with Cogniteam to develop hardware systems that come with various foundational capabilities- all of which are pre-integrated with Nimbus. Without this key advantage, operators lack cloud-connected capabilities, which allow for over the air updates, monitoring, insights, and operational insights."

“We are honored to have AAEON offer parts that are Nimbus enabled, allowing rapid uptime by syncing with a virtual environment,” said Yehuda Elmaliah, Co-founder and CEO of Cogniteam. “In a few clicks, developers benefit from a system that’s already familiar with AAEON’s hardware specifications and abilities. Developers can choose off the shelf parts and significantly cut development time.”

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