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ArkX Labs Touchless Voice Solutions Expands Distribution with EDOM Technology in Asia and India

By Korbin Lan
Published: Mar 29,2023

TAIPEI, Taiwan - ArkX Laboratories, a leading provider of advanced far-field voice capture and speech recognition technology, has added EDOM Technology to its expanded global distribution and sales network. Headquarters located in Taipei, EDOM represents ArkX Labs’ portfolio of production-ready EveryWord touchless voice technologies in the greater China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and India regions.

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“We are excited to welcome EDOM Technologies to the ArkX Network,” said Tom Huffman, VP of Channel Sales for ArkX Labs. “With EDOM’s deep technical expertise and experienced management team, they are an ideal partner for our advanced voice capture and control product line.”

“EDOM is pleased to introduce ArkX Labs' EveryWord portfolio to our clients," said Wayne Tseng, Chairman of EDOM Technology. "Their advanced far-field voice technology is a great addition to our offerings. We look forward to cooperating with ArkX and providing clients with advanced voice control solutions for smart home and industrial applications."

Featuring Cirrus Logic’s SoundClear FlexArray and Sensory technologies, the EveryWord portfolio includes an Audio Front End (AFE) Module, a Voice Module (System-on-Module + AFE), Development Kit, and Sensory Voice Control.

ArkX’s production-ready voice capture solutions outperform existing solutions in far-field voice capture and deliver a far-superior voice experience to consumers by capturing voice commands from three times the standard distance, around corners, in noisy and reflective environments, and without lowering playback volume.

Additionally, EveryWord technology provides a unique ability to identify and suppress speech from T.V. or other single-point noise sources.

EveryWord voice solutions can be customized for a company’s eco-system and applied to various products, including speakers, soundbars, televisions, appliances, voice controllers, and gadgets. The modules can be installed in hubs, ceilings, and in-wall for smart home or office applications.

EveryWord technology does not require source-ducking for reliable interaction, provides linear, circular, square, triangular, or 3-D mic array geometries, and requires fewer microphones. The technology features ultra-low power battery operation for wake-on-word, and the flexibility for placement of microphones allows for in-wall, ceiling, or dashboard solutions. The 3D mic array (unlike others’ linear beam-forming approach) enables fewer blind spots and increased performance while incorporating fewer redundant microphone arrays for coverage.

All ArkX solutions are Alexa-compatible and meet or exceed all requirements for the Amazon Voice Services (AVS) qualifications. In addition to Alexa, EveryWord is compatible with other platforms such as Google, Siri, Cortana, AliGenie, Baidu/, Tencent, and Sensory.

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