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TRI Wins R&D 100 Awards for Sixth Consecutive Year

Published: Nov 10,2013


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The Most Environmentally Friendly Mobile Phone Shell in The World

XUAN based environmental vision , avoid dropping the mobile phone shell caused by pollution of the Earth , spent a year and a half developing, are more than twenty factories refused , and finally produce the world's first disposable pulp phone shell ...

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Andes’s CPU IP Adopted by Japan-based Leading Company

Andes signed the licensing contract with a leading company in Japan, successful entry into the Japanese market, and participated in electronic exhibition events both in Tokyo and Yokohama for the first time to actively raise brand awareness...

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StudyFun Interactive Teaching System to Help Philippines to Teach Chinese

Institute for Information Industry, III, assist YuGen Technology and the Philippine Grace Christian College import " StudyFun interactive teaching system" to accelerate the effect of learning Chinese. The main advantage of this system is RF wireless communications, cloud computing and optical recognition principle , so that teachers can simply use pen and a thin plate, to realize interactive teaching ...

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Light Field Camera Revolutionizes the Smart Handheld Photography

Compared to traditional cameras, the information of the entering light stored by the light field camera includes not only color (wavelength) and intensity but also the direction of the light. This allows users to reconstruct ...

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Acer Q3 PAT NT$-13.12 Billion ; Reducing Worldwide Manpower by 7%

Acer announces on Tuesday that, according to financial results for Q3 2013, the profit after tax was record-breaking NT$-13.12 Billion, due to a non-cash related intangible asset impairment of NT$9.94 Billion. Acer will cut its worldwide employees by 7% to decrease the expanding loss and carry out the internal restructuring, while Chairman and CEO J...

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Media Tek:Wireless Charging Product Available in 2014

Media Tek will embark on wireless charging market and unveil the related solution by end of next year, said Hsieh Ching-jiang, President of Media Tek, after demonstrating their willingness to enter into wearable computing device market...

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