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transcosmos Now Sells Machine Learning / AI Platform “DataRobot”

Published: Jun 12,2017

transcosmos analytics Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of transcosmos inc. launched an initiative to deploy its machine learning automation / AI platform “DataRobot” to transcosmos’s Service and Administrations divisions and develop over 100 data scientists, the masters of DataRobot.

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At the same time, transcosmos delivers DataRobot related services to its clients as a resell partner of DataRobot Japan by leveraging its best practices and know-how on developing data scientists. With over 20 implementation projects already up and running, transcosmos aims to achieve over 100 million yen in revenue in FY2017.

transcosmos believes that AI and machine learning are not something that threaten human job security. Rather, these technologies can only unleash their full potential when they work with humans.

In fact, AI and machine learning are not born smart. It is humans that make them learn and work smart. Still, it has been a bottleneck for Japanese businesses to “democratize machine learning” as it is a severe challenge to hire and develop data scientists who can master AI and machine learning.

In order to overcome the challenge, transcosmos established the AI / Machine learning Promotion Office which drives “democratization of machine learning” and kicked off the project, “1 data scientist for 1 division”.

As a first step, it deployed “DataRobot” which helps even an ordinal business person perform deep learning and other highly advanced analysis as if popping something in the microwave. Over 50 employees selected not only from Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Call Centers and other Service divisions, but also from HR, General Affairs and other Administrations divisions, have received special training and are already working on deploying AI / machine learning in their workplaces across Japan.

transcosmos gained significant success in “Nihon Chokuhan”, a mail order brand operated by transcosmos. By utilizing DataRobot for direct mail & catalogue delivery list management operations, sales went up by 150% while man-hour for the operations went down by 50% compared to the predicted model built by its traditional data scientist.

transcosmos will utilize the success model across Japan and continues to develop more data scientists, with an aim to make more than 100 data scientists within this year.

transcosmos will also help their clients drive their “democratization of machine learning”. Leveraging the success made in “Nihon Chokuhan” brand and its know-how on developing data scientists, transcosmos will deliver DataRobot-related services as a resell partner for DataRobot Japan. Furthermore, transcosmos analytics’s data scientists, who have a wealth of experience, provide value-added services such as DataRobot workshops and training that are tailored to the actual use scenario for their clients.

In addition, for the clients to develop a database environment for machine learning and to set links with external systems, transcosmos will provide integrated solutions by combining its unique DMP service “DECode”, “DECAds” series that deliver end-to-end services ranging from ads, marketing to customer support building on digital data, as well as various other outsourcing services.

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