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III Teams Up with Yes Chain Pharmacy to Create a Smart Pharmacy

By Korbin Lan
Published: Apr 08,2019

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Institute for Information Industry (III) recently called on the medical and information industry to establish the “Health Tech Alliance,”and through innovative technological applications, they will develop a wide variety of new future scenarios for local smart care services for healthy living . Furthermore, they have teamed up with Yes Chain Pharmacy to create the “Yes Chain Pharmacy: Number One Smart Shop”new scenario market.

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In addition to prescription adjustment and health product sales, which they originally provided,“Yes Chain Pharmacy: Number One Smart Shop”also has added smart experience areas and provides a wide variety of testing services for community residents to utilize for healthy living. Furthermore, it combines measurement devices with facial recognition technology to facilitate the personalization of measurement data which is passed on to the cloud. In the future this will enable people to carry around their own measurement data with them for reference.

Besides, Yes Chain Pharmacy has formed a team of health consultants, which is a combination of professional pharmacists, dieticians, and nurses, and the team will assist the public in tracking big data from preventive health care and drug consultation. The goal is to provide the public with a wide variety of smart health care services from hospitals to their homes.

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