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LED Lamp for Smart Card Production

Published: Jul 24,2015

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DELO Industrial Adhesives has launched a new LED area lamp. Due to an irradiated area with a maximum length of 1.25 m and a wavelength of 365 nm, the DELOLUX 820 model addresses the smart card industry, in particular.

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According to Eurosmart, 9 billion chip modules will be produced in 2015. Smart cards in which adhesives are used for encapsulation purposes have a great share in this figure. All manufacturers demand efficient and stable production processes as a consequence of high production volumes and requirements. The new lamps deliver an intensity which is evenly distributed over the entire irradiated area and steady process parameters, allowing fast and reliable curing of UV-curing Dam&Fill and glob top encapsulants.

These are compatible with existing fully automated R2R encapsulation produces in the smart card industry, and combine maximum module quality and stable, monitored production processes with expanded production capacities. In addition, the now models impress by low purchase and operating costs.

This area lamp has two variants – with four or six lamp heads. Each of them and every base unit can be independently operated. In addition to the irradiation time, this feature also includes the intensity which is particularly evenly distributed in both x- and y-direction thanks to a specifically adapted base and matched lamp heads.

Thanks to its compact design, DELOLUX 820 is easy to integrate into existing production systems. As LEDs are used, no bulb must be exchanged and the heating phase can be skipped. Instead, the lamps reach full power immediately after switched on. Steady process parameters are delivered at normal operating conditions over a lifetime of more than

20,000 hours. The water cooling system with external cooling aggregate also makes its contribution to this advantage. It helps the high-power LEDs to keep their temperature and allows use in clean rooms.

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