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Morris Chang Resigned, CO-CEO Era Begin in TSMC

Published: Nov 13,2013

Morris Chang, Chairman and CEO of TSMC, has resigned from CEO, which position will be took over together by Mark Liu and C.C. Wei, but will stand still be Chairman to own the management rights for TSMC.

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Mark Liu and C.C. Wei, Co-Chief operating officer of TSMC, moved up to be President and Co-CEO simultaneously yesterday. According to the resolution reached by board of director, Co-CEO will still reported to Morris Chang , and Chang are still held accountable for finance and legal affair.

Chairman Chang had ever resigned in 2006 and nonetheless returned to the position in 2009 due to financial crises occurring and successfully conduct TSMC’s growing rate (year by year) of net profit reached 7.7% in nearly 4 years. Moreover, how to keep the continuous growing rate will be the hardest challenge for the two Co- CEO.

The global fundry market share battle is more stressful for TSMC to compete with UMC, Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES, and it will be more disquieting if Intel decide to join the race.

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