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The Possible TPK-LGD Alliance Bolster TOL Technology

Published: Nov 19,2013

Rumor has it that F-TPK will forge alliance with LGD in the field of TOL technology to apply in the next-gen Apple ipad, which is not confirmed by F-TPK yet.

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According to Taiwan’s media, TPK has had strategy cooperation with Japanese Photo, due to its declining profit, to speed up the production technology in Nano Silver Wire touch and exploiting alliance with LGD may push TPK profit turnaround.

Cited by juristic person, the strategy alliance between TPK and LGD will contribute to a vertical integration effect and raise the capacity utilization rate in TPK, who just responsible for the Post-end process of touch screen of iPad , through connecting the front-end TOL touch sensor technology.

Moreover, this cooperation plan could not only solve oversupply problem but produce a LCD-touch screen by single manufacture, which is profitable for TPK’s shipment, supply chain process and cost reduction.

Nonetheless, the news is not confirmed yet by TPK, CFO Freddie Liu said on Monday that TPK’s supply is tight now due to the rising TOL demand but never heard of the alliance plan.

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