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ICOP Sponsor USTA Tennis Team

Published: Nov 12,2014

Best ICOP Sponsor USTA Tennis Team from Taiwan, USA (New Jersey, Los Angeles), The Netherlands, Japan, China(Beijing, ShangHai, ShenZhen, XiAn) since 1989

ICOP may be a global organization but it also has strong ties within its local communities. ICOP’s LA branch office is proud to announce that we are once again working with our community athletic teams.

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This year’s USTA Men’s Fall 4.5 Claremont Tennis Team is being sponsored by ICOP Technology. ICOP will be there to provide refreshments and on court support for our players.

Tennis is a sport that requires a dedicated focus control of power and the ability to think on one’s feet, in order to deal with real time obstacles. Likewise, ICOP Technology specializes in industrial solutions that offers reliable intelligent controlled power for a variety of specialized tasks. The “Aces” on ICOPs technical support team are equipped to deal with any unexpected “mishits” that one might encounter in the field.

Good Luck to the 2014 Claremont Tennis Team, ICOP will be there for you like we are for all their clients.

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