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HOLTEK New BH66F71252 Bluetooth Beacon Transmission 24-bit A/D MCU

Published: Feb 03,2020

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Holtek announces the release of its new Bluetooth Beacon Transmission Flash MCU, the BH66F71252. The device includes a fully integrated Bluetooth Beacon transmission circuit and a 24-bit A/D converter, features which combine to make the device suitable for use in a variety of Bluetooth Beacon transmission electronic scales, DC body fat scales and other related products.

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With regards to MCU resources, the BH66F71252 device includes a Flash Program Memory capacity of 8K×16, a Data Memory capacity of 256×8, an EEPROM capacity of 32×8, an LED driver and various communication interfaces.

The device includes an integrated Bluetooth Beacon transmission circuit which can easily implement Bluetooth Beacon transmission functions thus simplifying product development and production. The internal 24-bit A/D Converter circuit together with the internal LDO can provide power to external sensors for weight measurement purposes.

As for packaging, the device is supplied in a 46-pin QFN package type. With its abundant system resources and comprehensive range of functions, the device can meet the needs of a wide range of diversified products.

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