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Largan Sued Samsung for Infringing Six Patents

Published: Nov 20,2013

( Taipei , Taiwan ) Largan said on Tuesday , has litigated to Samsung and its U.S. subsidiary for infringing on six patented optical lens which been used on Galaxy Note 2 , and will request for indemnification .

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According to reports, Largan raise a legal plaint in the U.S. Federal District Court of Southern California on the 14th of this month, for Samsung and its U.S. subsidiary manufacturing smartphone Galaxy Note 2 which against its six patents on the optical lens. Largan addition to ask Samsung to stop infringement behavior and demanded compensation for their losses, but did not disclose the amount of the claim.

Largan said that, patent litigation is a normal action, they have been concerned about whether the infringement on the market, will sue if they find violations, which is the practice of protecting their own interests.

Largan CEO Linen Ping stressed that Largan attaches great importance to patent protection, for patent infringement manufacturers Largan are willing to talk about authorization, whether quantitative or graded royalty payments methods are possible, now has competition in the talk, but not really authorized.

Large is the biggest smartphone lens company in the world, own the market share about 20% , customers include Apple, HTC, Sony, Huawei and other first-tier manufacturers.

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