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A Successful Close of Taiwan International Machine Tool Show

Published: Dec 12,2018

TAICHUNG, Taiwan - 2018 Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS) has come to a successful conclusion. Exhibitors are fully committed to demonstrating complete and diversified manufacturing services. The intelligent functions and automated production lines are a key focus. The overall scales of the exhibition and the number of visitors have both reached record highs.

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In response to the development of Industry 4.0, Taiwan's machine tool and accessory manufacturers provide complete and diversified industrial solutions to meet the different needs of their customers.

Firstly, for high-value-added industries with small-quantity but diversified production, intelligent functions such as temperature rise compensation, collision avoidance, and real-time monitoring of key components have been introduced. Secondly, for the general metal processing industry which pursues efficiency and mass production, the machine tool and accessory manufacturers have showcased various automated manufacturing cells and production lines.

Furthermore, the R&D results of process conditions optimization, environmental protection and energy saving, and improved processing quality and stability can be seen in the exhibition as well.

The domestic large-scale manufacturers in this TMTS. Their exhibits focus on processing machines such as multifunctional composite processing machines, machining centers, and automated production lines, etc., and key components equipped with remote monitoring functions to monitor the production site and improve production efficiency.

Moreover, a variety of emerging materials are displayed such as ultrasonic processing of hard and brittle materials and composite materials. Visitors at the show can get a bird’s eye view of the products and technology using these new materials.

The production management system of YCM and TONGTAI can be used to connect various automation and intelligent software and hardware devices to help manufacturers strengthen the whole plant management and the intelligent internal performance of the machine. The equipment management information system exhibited by TAICHUNG VICTOR provides customers with machine monitoring and production information collection through smart functions such as production line screen, utilization rate, cutting tool life inspection, alarm record, and production report, etc. HIWIN presents intelligent ball screw which can remote monitor the preload, temperature, vibration and lubrication state.

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