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Life Sciences Industry Will Reignite IT Spending

Published: Nov 20,2013


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Largan Sued Samsung for Infringing Six Patents

( Taipei , Taiwan ) Largan said on Tuesday , has litigated to Samsung and its U.S. subsidiary for infringing on six patented optical lens which been used on Galaxy Note 2 , and will request for indemnification . According to reports, Largan raise a legal plaint in the U...

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The Possible TPK-LGD Alliance Bolster TOL Technology

Rumor has it that F-TPK will forge alliance with LGD in the field of TOL technology to apply in the next-gen Apple ipad, which is not confirmed by F-TPK yet. According to Taiwan’s media, TPK has had strategy cooperation with Japanese Photo, due to its declining profit, to speed up the production technology in Nano Silver Wire touch and exploiting alliance with LGD may push TPK profit turnaround...

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Leading b4G and LTE Experts to Meet in Taipei

(Singapore) As 4G LTE technologies are deployed in many countries around the world, efforts to define, research and develop Beyond 4G (b4G) are also under way. Taiwan, with six new 4G LTE licenses awarded, is expected to be very busy with its LTE deployments in the next few months...

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Acer Collaboration with NCKU Built Supercomputer

(Taipei, Taiwan) Acer work with Taiwan National Cheng Kung University supercomputer centers to develop a new architecture of small supercomputer with non-network switch , to maintain the operation of high-speed high-performance parallel computing hosts prototypes...

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IEK: Phablet Shipments Grow to 1.5 Billion in 2014

( Taipei , Taiwan ) IEK said that with the advent of 4G , mobile service will be different from the past , and the new born Phablet market will grow to 1.5 billion units next year. IEK, leading research institutes in Taiwan ...

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ITU deploys satellite communication equipment to the Philippines

(Geneva)— ITU has dispatched emergency telecommunications equipment to areas severely affected by Typhoon Haiyan – one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded – which tore through the Visayas region of central Philippines on Friday with deadly force, making landfall five times, in the provinces of Eastern Samar, Leyte, Cebu, Panay Island and Palawan...

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