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Winners of d&i awards 2014:Beseye Camera

By 籃貫銘
Published: May 14,2014


THLight – Changing the World From One Street

“In a successful startup there will be twenty-year old prodigies, a core group of thirty-year olds, and then some senior employees in their forties.” The person who said this sentence’s age is between the core group and the group of senior employees...

Nordic Semiconductor - An Stunning Ultra Low-Power IC Design

Winning the final decision is always technology market, As more and more users accepted after Which naturally will be announced is the most suitable wireless technology....

CIC: technical assistance to shorten the gap between academia

Provide EDA software, process offline, education and training, And value creation platform four services Let academia to further reduce the technology gap between academia through the center of the wafer....

Imagination: Total Launch on New IP Ecosystem

Market needs multiple CPU choices for customers, Imagination is certainly MIPS past achievements, Then let the MIPS architecture sustained progress, to create a preferred IP solutions....

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