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Samsung to Mass Produce New 5.25” AMOLED

Published: Dec 25,2013


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New Acer CEO:Jason Chen

Jason Chen, the new CEO of Acer, an former TSMC senior vice president of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, he is second CEO of Acer after Gianfranco Lanci, shoulder the heavy responsibility for fourth reconstruction of Acer . Jason Chen came from sales and marketing , has served Intel as vice president , director of global marketing and sales group , then he joined in TSMC as Marketing vice president...

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Diversification to Survive: Wistron Developed Educational Cloud Service

Diversification to survive, Wistron Corp., the world's third-largest laptop contract maker, also an important Technology Service Provider (TSP), signed agreements Monday with National Central University (NCU) and the state-funded Institute for Information Industry (III) to build educational cloud services...

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Acer Recruit TSMC Marketing VP as New CEO

[Taipei, Taiwan] Acer today announced that hire Jason Chen, TSMC's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, as new CEO, will report for duty on the January 1 next year. Acer chairman Stan Shih said, Jason Chen is an excellent manager, with extensive experience in management and execution...

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ADATA to Reveal Lustrous New Products at CES 2014

[Taipei, Taiwan] ADATA Technology will be presenting new products in conjunction with the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES), held in Las Vegas from January 7 to 10. ADATA will display the latest in charging accessories for mobile devices, solid state drives (SSDs), DRAM modules, and Flash storage devices to media and partners from around the world...

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Toys Are The New Market for Bluetooth IC

Toys may be the new market for all the bluetooth IC firms, which is a growing market based on remarks from market watcher. There are more and more toys that can be paired with smartphone and tablet, either function with optical-sonic control or touch controller IC...

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Taiwan 4G Base Station Procurement Bidding Raises

[Taipei, Taiwan] Taiwan 4G equipment procurement business is heating up. After Chunghwa Telecom proposed its bidding project of 4G base station procurement, Taiwan Mobile and Far EasTone will also launch their bidding project end of this year ,the the total procurement of 4G Base Station of three companies estimated more than 20,000 units, over NTD$ 20 billion...

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