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Asus Partnered with Intel and China Supply Chain

Published: Jan 02,2014


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TOPCO’s High-tech and Green Tourism Factory

The high tech industrious solution provider, TOPCO Science co., unprecedentedly entered into food supply chain to set up a high-tech tourism factory named “TOPCO & Yasunagafresh” in Yilan County, Taiwan, which will introduce into green concept by adopting TSMC’s Thin-film Photovoltaic...

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BMEDC Develop EEG Video Game to Help Rehabilitation

Biomedical Engineering Research and Development Center (BMEDC) of China Medical University Taiwan, develop a gaming system with EEG and somatosensory control technology, organized the“heart interpersonal brainwave war gaming contest”with Institute of Information Industry (III), to make more in-depth understanding of the IT industry around the actual needs of physically disabled and developed more human assistive technology and games...

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GAMC Biotech Develop Anticancer X-ray for Animal Remedy

Specialized transmission X-ray tube tech will firstly develop in the field of anti-cancer application for animals and cure diseased animals with Taiwan university veterinary hospital, announced by GAMC biotech co. on Monday. In addition, anti-cancer center will be set up through Taiwan for the first quarter of the next year...

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MediaTek Is Favored by Taiwan Mobile

TAIPEI — MediaTek System on Chip (SoC) not only are favored by those so-called white box from China, Taiwan Mobile announced the company's own branded handheld devices lineup Monday, four of which all carried MediaTek chips, respectively...

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5 Predictions of the Worldwide TFT-LCD and Semiconductor Industries

Drawing from the latest research, Taiwan`s MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute), an ICT industry research institute based in Taipei, proposes the following five predictions in the worldwide TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) and semiconductor industries in 2014...

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AUO’s Kunshan 8.5G Plant May Start in 2014

[Taipei , Taiwan ] AUO’s long- delayed investment projects in Kunshan may start to install. The rumor said AUO obtained capital from d Agricultural Bank of China, is expected to order equipment after Chinese New Year, and catch up with production in early 2015...

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