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Loss Below 3%, ASE:Disappoint! Will Improve A.S.A.P.

Published: Dec 21,2013


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Multi-Touch Solutions from MStar Has Been Adopted to Many Big Names

MStar Semiconductor Inc, the world’s biggest supplier of chips for LCD TV sets, announced that its multi-touch solution has been adopted to many smartphone firms, especially for 4.5 to 6-inch screen display. Handheld devices are getting thiner and thiner, the key feature falls on the capacitive touchscreen, whether it's made from single Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) or double ITO makes the difference...

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ASE K7 Plant Ordered to Shutdown

[Kaohsiung, Taiwan] ASE K7 plant today be prosecuted to shutdown by Kaohsiung EPB for wasted water illegal discharges, the execute order sent by post, implement when delivered. Chen Jinde, commissioner of Environmental Protection Bureau of Kaohsiung, held a press conference this afternoon, said ASE K7 factory violation "Water Pollution Control Legislation," Art...

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China Mobile, HTC Sign to Promote 4G Market

[Guangzhou , China ] China Mobile Worldwide Partner Conference held on Thursday, announced its new brand " and! " ,signed a strategic cooperation agreement with HTC, Samsung, ZTE, Huawei , Coolpad , Lenovo and Tianyu , jointly develop the China market 4G ...

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Higher Specs Meets Cheaper Price in Taiwan Smartphone Market

The PCs market is no doubt bearish worldwide year after year, many of the PCs-related manufacturers have unveiled their high specs handheld devices with cheaper price. Though, acted fast with the trend does good or bad result remains to be seen...

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To The Could, Acer Transform to Seamless Service

Transforming Acer has a new vision, committed to the development of " Build Your Own Cloud ", transformed into "Hardware + Software + Services" company providing seamless service to PC and other mobile devices users. Chairman Stan Shih said that, in the past , Acer only sold hardware , after sold, the service is almost over ; in future , services begin from sold...

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Campbell Low-cost 3D Printer to Sales in China in January

【Taipei, Taiwan】 The first self-invented 3D printer of New Campbell Group- XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0, now available in Vibo’s retail stores in Taiwan, there are almost a thousand sets of pre-order, and will sale in China in January next year , annual sales are expected to reach 0...

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