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ITU achieves major breakthrough in audio standards

Published: Dec 03,2013


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NXP and Datang Telecom to Establish First Chinese Automotive Semiconductor Company

NXP and Datang Telecom to Establish First Chinese Automotive Semiconductor Company 【Beijing, China】NXP Semiconductors and DATANG TELECOM TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD announced the establishment of a joint venture(JV), the first true automotive semiconductor company in China...

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2H’Nov DRAM Contract Prices Raise for Yield Rate Issues

According to DRAMeXchange, the 2H13 DRAM prices were initially expected to weaken due to SK Hynix's gradual recovery from the fire accident and the sluggish demand in the market. However, with one of the first tier PC DRAM makers experiencing various shipment delays and resorting to other DRAM manufacturers for orders, the 2H'Nov contract prices experienced a positive turnaround...

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W&W Exhibit Sophisticated 3D printing for Jewelry Production

( Taipei , Taiwan ) Not only toys and dolls, 3d printing can also be used in the design of precision. W&W Co., INC exhibited ASIGA high resolution 3D printer on IT Month in Taiwan, can print out a chair smaller than a dollar coin, showing fine molding technology for 3D printing...

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Taiwan manufacturer Introduced Low-Cost High-End Phablet, Foxconn OEM

( Taipei , Taiwan ) Palit Group, an Taiwan based company ,announced its entry into the smartphone market on Monday, and introduced the first low-cost 6.3” smartphone-GALAPAD S6. The phone uses the MediaTek quad-core processors, and producted by Foxconn, pricing only at USD$ 270...

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Wearable Device Market Budding, Smartwatch Come First

(Taipei, Taiwan) wearable device is considered an mainstream of consumer products in the future, while Taiwan's IT Month exhibition especially set up a wearable devices area to display variety of smartwatches, so that people can actually experience the wearable devices, through a personal trial, can choose the most suitable wearable product for their own use...

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TSMC Morris Chang Play Host to Chen Deming

(Taipei, Taiwan) Association for relations across the Taiwan straits Chairman Chen Deming on Thursday visited TSMC 14th factory, hosted by Morris Chang, Chairman of TSMC, who also made a brief speech for the Chen’s delegation...

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