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Campbell Low-cost 3D Printer to Sales in China in January

Published: Dec 18,2013


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Strong Holiday Sales in 4Q up 30% of the Worldwide Total Tablet Shipments

Owing to the lack of manifest market demand for tablets, the tablet industry in the third quarter of 2013 only managed to reach the similar level of shipment volume as compared to the second quarter. MIC's industry analyst, Joen Yang said that” in the fourth quarter...

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ITRI’s New E-paper Aim Ticket Market

[Taipei , Taiwan ] Optimistic about the e-paper market , ITRI, leading research institutions in Taiwan, exhibited a new i2R e-paper technology for the ticket and card application on Dechnology show last week. i2R e-paper technology with thin...

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Hsinchu Science Park Yilan Division Open

【Yilan, Taiwan】Hsinchu Science Park Yilan Division Service Center opened Monday , there are already three vendors stationed , the first company, Omni Calibration Laboratory will begin construction on the 28th; Branch Authority expects to build 30 standard workshops, attracting more vendors to establish a factory...

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PS4 First Sale in Taiwan on Wednesday

[Taipei , Taiwan ] The latest game console of Sony-PlayStation4(PS4) , will be sale in Taiwan on Wednesday, The first sale will be held simultaneously in three different place over the island, there are some fans have started queuing since 13th, according to Taiwan's Sony Computer Entertainment Inc...

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DRAM Firms in Taiwan Follow the Growing Trend of Mobile

The market of smartphone and tablet is a bullish trend, boosting the sales of mobile dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips. Time to go with the flows, many of the DRAM firms in Taiwan has changed their mainstream product into moblie DRAM...

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ASE May Face Orders Transfer Crisis

[ Kaohsiung , Taiwan ] Taiwan chip packaging manufacturers ASE’s illegal discharges of wastewater may become serious, risk of downtime is rising. Customers of ASE concerns about supply problems, ready to shift orders to SPIL and Amkor if necessary...

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