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Largan Plans to Expansion for High Phone Camera Demand

Published: Feb 10,2014


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Paradetech Announces two New Chips for USB 3.0 Redriver

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Paradetech held its 2013 fourth quarter investor conference on Thursday, two series of new products are going to be its During December of 2013 and January of 2014, Parade announced two series of new products; PS8731/PS8733 and DP676/DP677/DP678/DP679...

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DesignCon Recognizes Altera for FPGA and SoC Innovations

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Altera Co. announced on Wesdnesday that it received two DesignVision Awards at DesignCon 2014 for its innovations in FPGA and SoC technology. Altera’s next-generation, 14 nm Stratix 10 FPGAs and SoCs won for best semiconductor and IP, and the ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5) Altera Edition toolkit won for best design verification tool...

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Macronix and GUC Announce Consolidated Net Sales for January 2014

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Macronix International Co. today announced the unaudited consolidated net sales for January 2014 were NT$1.645 billion, a decrease of 1.7% from the previous month of NT$1.673 billion in 2013. While GUC announced its net sales for the same month were NT507 million, down 11...

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Where VAIO Goes?

The first of Sony VAIO was introduced in 1997, after 17 years, due to the dramatic changes in the market, Snoy have to say goodbye to this brand bred by themselves. Once again, proved that Sony is really not good for the PC market, and after leaving Sony, where VAIO goes? VAIO is an acronym, the full name is “Video Audio Integration Operation”, can be easily understood its market position, the personal entertainment PC...

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Macronix Patent Infringement Complaints Followup

Hsinchu, Taiwan – Macronix International Co., Ltd. today announced that the U.S.International Trade Commission (ITC) has instituted an investigation concerning whether Spansion and certain of Spansion’s customers infringe certain Macronix patents...

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Important Investment and Acquisitions of SAS

In order to expand markets and enhance technical capabilities, SAS successively conducted several investments and acquisitions, and the amount of each investment are lower than market expectations, the drawings are SAS investment and acquisition history table...

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